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How To: Paint letters with ease

Happy Sunday all!  I just finished a little DIY project this weekend and I wanted to share how simple it is to paint letters onto wood surfaces.  The idea came from pinterest here but with a tiny tweak.  Jaime from That's My Letter was personalizing various items made out of wood but my item was a wooden sign already painted.  I liked the sign but wanted to change the coloring to better go with our home decor.  Here is the final result.
The project is actually pretty simple.  Using a ballpoint pen, trace the outline of each letter on your item.  Give enough pressure so the pen will indent the wood.  Since I wanted to keep the existing lettering but change the color of the sign I spray painted the sign a gray primer.  After the paint dried I then used a 1/4" flat paint brush and painted the letters white (inside the indent).  The indent should hold the paint if it is deep enough (like a little dam).  Since my sign wasn't smooth, I didn't get a good enough indent on the …

Not For A Moment

Wow, happy Monday!?!  Yes, but it wasn't just happy.  It was joyful.  For the first time in a long time I had joy in my heart.  At church yesterday Pastor John spoke about joy vs happiness.  What a perfect reminder it was for me.  Amazing.  But why am I surprised?  God's timing is perfect.  It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.  God spoke to my heart and revealed some things in my life that need some attention.  Some attitudes.  Some thought processes.  Some misconceptions.  Some fear.  Some anger.  Some unforgiveness.  Some doubt.  I can't compromise and let circumstances guide me.  Joy isn't based on circumstances it's based on Jesus Christ.  Joy isn't based on chance it's based on choice.  No matter what I go through (problems in marriage, problems at work, financial struggles, health issues, etc.), I can be full of joy because I know that God has a plan for me (Psalm 50:15) and a purpose (Romans 5:2).  God is with me (Isaiah 43:2).  God w…

Happy Labor Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Football!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been over here!  With my birthday, labor day weekend and kick off of Oregon Duck Football, here it is the weekend again and I'm finally feeling like I can breathe again!  The hubby and I (and the pup) had such a great visit with our family last weekend and I treasure the time we have together.  We did some shopping in Portland and then headed to the coast to get some sand between our toes.  Ever since I moved over the mountains I have craved visiting the beach at least a few times a year.  There is something about walking along the beach, hearing the waves crash and watching the sun go down that is almost magical.  The beach for me is a place to reflect and this trip specifically aided in some healing within our marriage.  Thank You Lord.

For my birthday hubby gave me some shopping spree money (love that!) and then he surprised me with a little furniture re-do DIY which I am so excited to share with you when it's all done!  I even got to…