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Today is August 22nd and it's my birthday.  Today I turn 29.  This is the beginning of another year of life and I am so grateful for where my life has come from and am so excited for the adventure of what's to come.  I never would have imagined my life as it is now.  Married to the most wonderful man.  Living in a beautiful home with our sweet pup.  Successful in a career.  Back in school.  Growing in my faith.  Wonderful friends and family.  I count myself blessed and am so thankful for all that God has given me.
We aren't really celebrating my birthday for another week or so when we can get together with family, but hubby and I are planning a little getaway for the weekend at the coast.  Should be a lot of fun.  I'll keep you posted!
Have a blessed day!

Throwing 'round ideas

Happy Saturday all!  Here in the mountains for once it is overcast and cool outside (that is at 6am)!  Though I enjoy the heat, it's also nice to have a little break here and there.  Before I go outside into the coolness and get some yard work tidied up I wanted to share some ideas I've been having about paint.  Exterior Paint.  Our house needs a paint job.  Desperately.  So we're saving up for sometime next summer to tackle that project.  Below are a few color combos that I am loving.  Now I just need to narrow them down make a decision.  I am loving gray but I keep going back and forth between grays with blue undertones and purple undertones... via Sherwin-Williams® Anonymous Gray - SW 7046 Sherwin-Williams® Amazing Gray - SW 7044 via  Stormy Monday 2112-50 by Benjamin Moore
I'm thinking this may be the accent color?
Stone 2112-40 by Benjamin Moore
This might be too dark?
Stone Brown 2112-30 by Benjamin Moore
Though I absolutely love the crisp white trim (which our home…

DIY Fringe Scarf Tutorial

Happy Monday morning all!  What a gorgeous day it is here!  So, I wanted to quickly share a little DIY project I completed this weekend.  This is probably one of the simplest projects I have done to date.  I'm not exactly sure where the original idea came from but I found a tutorial from pinterest and here.  The best part about this accessory is that it's FREE.  You can get it right out of your own closet.  Oh, and there is no sewing involved, BONUS!
What you will need:
1.  An old t-shirt
2.  Sharp scissors (ideally fabric scissors because they make the cleanest lines)

Step 1:  Lay your t-shirt down on a flat surface.  Make sure that the two bottoms of your shirt are even.  Smooth out any bumps or wrinkles in the shirt.

Step 2:  Take your scissors and cut horizontally across the shirt, just below the armholes to create a rectangular tube.

Step 3:  Take the bottom portion and re-lay it flat.  Starting at the bottom of the shirt with the hem, cut from one end and work your way o…

the last few weeks

Wow, what a busy summer we have had so far!  Just wanted to share and update our lives with you all.  Hope you have had a safe and fun summer.

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

Family vacation on the lake and Dad's birthday

Fourth of July Fun with friends

Many weddings.  4 so far and 3 in one weekend!

Tour of Homes

Outdoor church in the amphitheater

Our Weekly Date Nights

After all these years, it's our first county fair together!

Mustang Assembly.  Many hours spent discovering and troubleshooting...

via Olympics.  Watching our home town hero, Ashton Eaton win the GOLD.