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Bare wall in Girl Cave

Good evening all!  The day has been filled with lounging in my pjs, watching tv, drinking hot lemon and honey water and blowing my nose, a lot.  Oh yeah, and writing a few blog posts.  Tonight is traditionally date night but alas I am uber sick and will not be leaving the house.  Hubby is in the garage preparing bullets for reloading and getting ready to go shooting in the morning with his dad.
As I sit at my desk in my office/girl cave the wall directly to my left is completely bare.  There are a few thoughts floating in my head about how I want to fill up the space.  One thought is to fill the space with some empty frames. via
Out of these three photos the second one is my favorite partially because the frames are white but also because there is one large frame encompassing all of the inner frames which to me makes it look sort of clean and tidy.  Plus buying cheapo frames from a thrift store would be such a steal!
Another thought is to create a DIY painted canvas design of some …

EAT sign painted update

Remember when I shared with you how excited I was to find the EAT letters here?  Well, about a month ago I decided to hang the letters on the wall and get them in a better viewing area.  So, I had them on the counter one night with my spray paint can ready to move them into the garage to paint the next day after work and look what I found in the garage? Hubby already sprayed the letters before I got home from work!  How sweet!  So then I simply nailed in the sawtooth hangers on the back of the letters and hung them on the wall!  Well, let me correct myself.  I attempted to hammer in the tiny nails and didn't put them in straight so the hangers didn't line up.  Hubby came to my rescue and lined them up and hammered them in straight! After measuring the space on the wall incorrectly the hubs came to my rescue again.  Wow (!), was I having a bad day and couldn't do the simple math?  He was such a gem and hung them on the wall for me.  *Sings "It's so nice to have a …

Kitchen Rug Update

A few weeks ago I did some laundry and washed some rugs together that I should have separated.  I was in a hurry and didn't even think twice.  Two were light green and two were RED.  You can guess what happened to the two green rugs?  They are PINK.  The good news though is that I found a super cute 2x3 woven cotton rug from Target via Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  After a few trips to Target and a lot of searching, I finally found the rug!  Even better news, hubby likes it!  Here it is in front of the sink.  The first pic was at night and the second was midday, so the coloring is different. Oh, I forgot to mention the best part!  It was a whopping $14.99!  Sweet!

Have you enjoyed any fabulous finds lately?

a week or two in review

These last two weeks have been stressful (some good and bad stress) and tiring and my hubby and I have gotten sick (attention FLU:  You are no longer welcome at our home, please leave asap!).  We celebrated Valentine's Day and my hubby loved the 52 Reasons I Love You Cards and said he would "treasure it."  Sigh.  He surprised me with beautiful deep burgundy roses at work and then we went out for dinner later that night.  I sure love that man!  The following weekend we celebrated his 31st birthday and had some family over for the day.  With us being sick, we didn't know if we would cancel the get together, but at the last minute we decided to be hosts and we had a great time of relaxation and fellowship.  This week I took two more days off of work (including today) because I continue to get more ill.  Sigh.  Hopefully this weekend there will be a turn around in my health?  We are also cancelling college group this weekend due to our illnesses.
That's all for now.  …

Office/Girl Cave Sneak Peek!

The beautiful bookcase which my hubby built me is almost complete!  Another few nights of painting and I will hopefully be able to organize the cubbies and finalize the finishing touches.  Here is a sneak peek of the top shelf.  If you remember, I wrote about the bookcase very brieflyhere.
Happy Tuesday!

"52 Reasons I Love You" Cards Tutorial

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I wanted to share with you what I created for my hubby this year.  He doesn't read the blog unless I ask him to, so I think I'm safe!
Since his birthday is less than a week after VDay, I always try to keep it real small, inexpensive and easy to make.  I can't take credit for coming up with this idea, I've seen several versions online and found one through pinterest.
I filled the deck of playing cards with 52 reasons why I love my amazing husband.  I tried to include things he does for me, how he makes me feel, funny stuff, sexy stuff, and things about who he is as a person.  I wanted to really tell him what I love about him and his character.  Because, I love him for who he is, not just how he makes me feel or what he does for me.
Find some playing cards!Scuff them up with sandpaper to give them a used feel and lookCreate a template with one of the spare cards (I used a joker)Punch two holes in each card using the templat…

Easy Valentine Craft

Since Valentines Day is around the corner, I wanted to share what I made my husband last year.  Super simple and that's how I like it!
My idea came from here. Super cute, right?
Since we didn't have the Scrabble game on hand, I purchased some sticker letters.  Let me tell you the scrabble letters would have had a much bigger impact than the stickers and I know this because the first thing out of my husband's mouth was "why love you?"  Fail.
Here's the quick tutorial.
Supplies: Frame (mine was a black 4x6 unused frame I found in our bookcase)Craft paper (you could also use wrapping paper or fabric too)Scrabble letters (or stickers in my case)ScissorsAny embellishments you desire (I chose a tin heart fastener with a brad back) Put them all together!
Ta Da! Easy Peasy!
Have a great day!